The Necklace

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over at this website As part of my masters I created an interactive book app for iPad along with fellow designer Luke O’Cathasaigh. The project took just over one year from the concept to launching it on the App store.

chay gay sevilla We retold the famous Guy De Maupassant short story ‘The Necklace’. Our aim with the app was to allow the reader to work in partnership with the artwork and interactions to create their own reading experience. It features 32 interactive, illustrated story scenes, a menu scene selector and information about both the history of the story and the author. The app was successfully released on the App Store in February 2014.

click this link here now The project was taken from initial concept through to the final build in an agile development environment (Design, Test, Build, Iterate).

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The Necklace

single frauen aus ungarn The story tells of Mathilde Loisel, a pretty and charming girl who feels that she has been born into a family of unfavourable iconic status. She feels the burden of her poverty intensely. She regrets her lot in life and spends endless hours imagining a more extravagant existence. One night, her husband returns home proudly bearing an invitation to a formal ball hosted by the Ministry of Education. He hopes that Mathilde will be thrilled with the chance to attend an event of this sort. She borrows a diamond necklace from a rich friend to wear to the ball. When she loses the precious necklace, her life changes entirely – but there is a final, sharp twist to the tale!

My role in the project included:

  • Data gathering through user interviews, questionnaires and competitor analysis and research.
  • Preparing user requirement and design specification documents.
  • Designing personas, user journeys, storyboards, site-maps, process flows, wireframes and mockups.
  • User testing, including preparing user surveys and questionnaires.
  • Creating all assets for the UI of the application.
  • All illustrations throughout the application.
  • Coding using LUA.
  • Uploading the application to the App Store
  • Marketing the application – social media, website, trailer, etc.

Click here to read the full report – The Necklace Report

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